DOOMSAYER [return-of] * DOOMSDAY DELUXE {special edition}

The pope quit ...due to ailing health. God's man on earth...the supreme pontiff...his holiest...is dying...it s a laugh that no one has had in a thousand years.

USA >>>{mercs} and   {robots}are k I L L - I  n G people.

There is a vendetta against the members of the LAPD by one of their own.

THE Y may have F $ KED some of those trray gedies

how Ma ny ?? dead in a school with no blood on it
there4 aint no crime

We are all sacred creatures...life is precious...

so we are meant to think..
I'm not sure...what the point of trying to control...people is?

seems that pop_culture, pop_music, pop_psychology : in their quest for YEN {dollars}
has them hanging [perhaps not in the gallows sense, but rather in an over extended or vulnerable way...like they have separated themselves from the truth to such an extent that they are hanging out over a precipice of some kind...like a cliff or something dramatic where the wrong move means dire consequences.

it seems as if you are hanging from a pole after chasing all that money.
Finding new and inventive ways to hypnotize and deceive your fellow man.
we have no love for you.
you have lied thoughtlessly for a century.
held back what would have helped make paradise
in exchange for a system that grinds itself against the population...like a retarded undulating mongoloid pubecent...drooling over tax dollars...and incarceration rates.

We don't want war...
but we are all armed to the teeth.